Tall Tales of Fishing

Take a basic instinct to “catch” something and mix it with Bay or Gulf waters, some nets, bait fish, assorted tackle, favorite lures, long rods, short rods, deep sea rods, spinning reels, huge reels and the challenge of actually snagging your dinner: what is the result? Well, for over many un-traceable years (which add to the fishing lore stories) passed down from devoted anglers, Pass-a-Grille has been the hub of the string of barrier islands whose history revolves around fishing. [Click Picture to read more]

‘Tis the Season – Turtle, That Is

Around this area so close to the beach and warm Gulf waters, everyone is aware that April through August is turtle season. It has evolved into an almost sacred time when the huge sea turtles come on shore, dig a deep hole in the sand and lay a hundred or more tiny eggs. They cover the eggs and leave nature to take its course. Modern civilization has placed this species in danger, whose life expectancy is on the low side anyway.